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Misha Collins is a toxic mixture of dreamboaty weirdness. Most well-known as the beautiful and vaguely gay (at least for tortured golden boys named Dean Winchester) angel of the Lord, Castiel, on the show Supernatural, Misha flew into our hearts with his giant black wings and nested there indefinitely. But I’m not here to talk about Misha and the fact that I’m gonna be meeting him with my friend Amy in just 3 short months (my heart just stuttered), I’m here to talk about…. well I am here to talk about him. But not just him. What he represents and how he’s changed people’s lives by simply being who he is and not apologizing for it.

A few years ago, he started this thing called GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen), which is this week long scavenger hung that people all over the world participate in by doing absolutely ridiculous things from a list created by Misha himself. If that isn’t cool enough, it’s sponsored by Misha’s charity, Random Acts, an organization whose mission is “to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time.” I haven’t gotten to participate in it yet for one reason or another, but I always check in through out the week of the hunt to see what kind of shenanigans these people are up to. This year, I know that NASA had to release a statement basically asking participants to leave them the fuck alone, William Shatner got involved at one point… it got pretty ridiculous. Anyway, what I’m getting to is that I came across this introduction that Misha wrote for the GISHWHES coffee table book, and a few parts really struck a chord with me:

“When we see a nun, arms raised, gleefully racing down a waterslide, our world is momentarily shaken. We respond by laughing at these incongruous things. But who says that nuns shouldn’t be on waterslides? Who says we shouldn’t try to talk to the astronauts on the space station? Who says we shouldn’t tour particle accelerators in costume? By doing these unexpected things, we’re actually in a strange way being reminded that life is full of possibility. A nun on a waterslide is a reminder that we do not need to be confined by an arbitrary normalcy. We can choose freedom. We can carve out our own path. We can actually talk to a homeless person on the sidewalk or we can gather the courage to sing in public. An entirely different version of reality is open to us if we make ourselves available to it.

In adulthood, opportunities for wonder are curtailed. We often unwittingly sign on to a set of interpretations, rules for behavior, ideas about ourselves and our world. We go into a shopping mall, pay the cashier, leave the store. We know how the interaction will go, we’re on autopilot. And decades from now, when we lay breathing our last breaths on artificial respirators, we may wonder “What was that? Was that a life? Was my life something that I did or was my life something that was done to me?”

Something happens when we shock ourselves with the unexpected. Seeing a nun on a waterslide takes us, even if just for an instant, off autopilot. It causes us to pause and for a moment really see the world around us.”

My entire life, I’ve been a little bit off. And I’ve always been aware of it. I know that the way my mind works and the way I see things and the way I feel about things would by no means be considered “normal” to the vast majority of people and I’m completely okay with that. I learned to embrace it some time ago, really. The thing that I think is so beautiful about Misha Collins and GISHWHES is that he’s this public figure that is using his status to give people a place to belong. People who grow up not knowing why they can’t fit in, people that feel alone in their own mind, he brings those people together. He’s like, “Hey! I’m totally insane! And so are you! Let’s be totally insane together and have a shit load of fun and make other people wonder what’s wrong with us!” And the truth of it is, strange people are so often judged. They’re teased and made fun of and tormented a lot of the time but in all honesty, the strange ones are who keep everyone else entertained. They give the “normal” people something to talk about. They give them a reason to laugh and they do it willingly. They keep them on their toes. And without those weird ones, the ones that are slightly out of tune with reality, the world would be so horrifically fucking boring.

I don’t know, I just really appreciate Misha and all those other people out that that stand up in front of everyone and are so unapologetically themselves, and I’m so thankful that people like him are around for people my age and especially those that are younger. When I was in elementary and middle school and I wouldn’t get invited to parties and I would be left out of groups and picked last for projects and I hated that I couldn’t just be normal and get along with everybody else – I really needed someone like Misha to let me know that I would be okay. And now I do.

The moral of the story is just… be nice to people. Appreciate those that are different from you. Take in that new perspective. Don’t be so quick to judge and maybe, just maybe, if you try to see things the way that weird person sees them, an entirely new world might open up before you.

And to all you weirdos, do me one single solitary favor? Never, ever, under any circumstances sacrifice who you are or what you love to fit in.



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Yesterday I posted a video of a new song I wrote to Facebook. It’s called “Abyssopelagic” (for now) and I wrote it in around 2 hours (and the only reason it took that long was because of ONE LINE that I just couldn’t settle on). Anyway, after I posted it a friend of mine suggested I make one of those Singer/Songwriter Facebook pages to get my name out there. I never thought to do it myself – I’m sort of more reserved when it comes to things I do. Putting myself out there makes me kind of nervous, but hey, now or never right? So I decided I’d come over to the trusty old blog and post what I’ve been up to so my lovely followers could have a looksy. If nothing else, to document it. You never know.

Here’s a short playlist of some of my more recently recorded songs. “Abyssopelagic,” “I Can’t Change The Weather,” and “Shelter,” a cover of a cover.

Feel free to like my Facebook page if you feel so inclined.

Thanks for listening.

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