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Yesterday I posted a video of a new song I wrote to Facebook. It’s called “Abyssopelagic” (for now) and I wrote it in around 2 hours (and the only reason it took that long was because of ONE LINE that I just couldn’t settle on). Anyway, after I posted it a friend of mine suggested I make one of those Singer/Songwriter Facebook pages to get my name out there. I never thought to do it myself – I’m sort of more reserved when it comes to things I do. Putting myself out there makes me kind of nervous, but hey, now or never right? So I decided I’d come over to the trusty old blog and post what I’ve been up to so my lovely followers could have a looksy. If nothing else, to document it. You never know.

Here’s a short playlist of some of my more recently recorded songs. “Abyssopelagic,” “I Can’t Change The Weather,” and “Shelter,” a cover of a cover.

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Thanks for listening.


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