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It’s been minute, dear blog friend. There are a number of drafts saved from when I’ve tried to update this thing but either got tired or lazy or my computer went into grumpy old man mode and started moaning and spitting at me anytime I got near it… it finally crashed a few weeks (or months now, sheesh) ago so I was kind of without a blogging device for a while. I bought a new one recently and it’s rather cheap and rather weird and I have no patience for Windows 8 or these crappy keys that jam if I touch them at the wrong angle so I’ve only been using it when absolutely necessary. A lot of stuff has been going on though and I feel bad that I haven’t documented it. Making a “catch-up” post is so exhausting though. Ugh. I think I’m just gonna start with the most recent happenings and work my way backwards. Maybe. We’ll see. 


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