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Crossing state lines in the middle of the night, you and I.
Steal a glance to my left, you always look your best when you’re tired.
And I know I shouldn’t think it, but I do.
Is it me or do you feel this friction, too?
Let my heart lead the way as our world fades away in the rear-view…

Sometimes I get so lost in the world I’ve created in my head that I can’t find my way back to reality. I like it here, though. The weather’s always perfect.

I thought it was worth a shot. I mean, I actually tried this time. You were the first person that made me give a damn about someone other than myself – the first person that made me realize that the world couldn’t revolve around me because it so obviously revolved around you. You’re the star of the show. Your heart is the only one that matters. How could I have been so silly?

It was my fault, really.
I clung to every drunken word like they actually meant something.


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